Hi Everyone, we have a great treat for you today. There’s nothing like having a Pyrex mystery piece identified!

PyrexLove fan Shannon was kind enough to share her recent acquisition, a lovely lidded round casserole we had called “Silhouette,” which features a dark orange-red on a peachy background which made the pattern into silhouettes of daisies. She received it NIB and it came with a round rattan trivet!

From Shannon:

The box reads: Pyrex designer 4078 Daisy 1 qt covered round casserole with Rattan Trivet. The side of the box reads: A beautiful and practical gift. A sparkling accent for any table. Custom Designed trivet for an elegant buffet warm colors in harmony with today’s interiors.

The bottom of the dish reads 473-B.

Thanks so much Shannon for helping us solve another Pyrex mystery!!

Dutchess Round Casserole

This is the Duchess promotional casserole. Isn’t she lovely? It was a hostess party gift for Stanley products, one of the many collaborations Pyrex has done over the years. The pattern has tiny gold flowers that reminds us of a stencil design, on a lovely soft pink background. The set includes a 024 round casserole with a matching knobbed glass lid and a warming stand.

Duchess Casserole

Duchess Casserole

Duchess Casserole

The Duchess line also included a juice carafe, a percolator with warming stand, three sizes of glasses, and a sugar/creamer set with holder, all of which are pictured on the box.

Duchess Box

Duchess Box

Duchess Box

Duchess Box

Duchess Box

I love how it says “Glamorous 22k gold decorated design.” Very befitting to its Duchess name!

Many thanks to cricket_lizard on eBay who kindly gave us permission to use her auction images!

Lucky In Love - it DOES exist!

Thursday July 5, 2012

Lucky in Love

Fellow Pyrex fans and hounds - I’m sure you have seen this listing by now. An elusive “Lucky In Love” casserole has just ended on eBay today with the price of $662. Now that’s one of the biggest Holy Grails of Pyrex!

Of the years we’ve been collecting Pyrex, we have only seen it in a photo, in the Steinhauer/Rogove book. And many people ask us about it in the Flickr group from time to time: Does it really exist? Has there been one seen “in the wild?” Well, as of last week, it was all mystery and speculation until eBayer luvarknsas listed it.

Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love

I contacted her and she was very nice to let us use her photos, and she also shared a little info on the background - the casserole belonged to a good friend of hers whose mother was a hoarder. This Lucky in Love casserole was found among her things after she passed away. I am so curious as to where and how she got the casserole, but I guess we’ll never know.

Congratulations to the high-bidder of this amazing piece of “Pyrex Holy Grail!” Please take lots of pics so we can live vicariously through you!

The “Eyes” Have It

Monday April 2, 2012

Eyes Mystery Solved!

Hi Friends! This is probably old news to those of you who are eBay regulars, but I came across this completed auction recently and was so happy to see a big Pyrex mystery solved! I just had to contact the seller to ask for permission to use her photos, and she was kind enough to oblige. Finally, there’s an answer to the mystery of the “Eyes” mixing bowl set.

As we all know, the “Eyes” bowls (as they have been affectionately called by Pyrex collectors over the years) are only in 401 and 403, are unmarked, but we recognize the classic Pyrex bowl shape so well that we all guessed they had to be Pyrex. Well, Laura of forgetmenotsonmemorylane found one of the Pyrex holy grails when she came across this set in a box.

HC-9 Box

So the “official” name of this set is actually called… Hot ‘N’ Cold Chip and Dip set, with the model number HC-9. It came with a bracket, and the box is marked “Corning Glass Works, Corning, New York.” No “Pyrex” printed anywhere. I wonder when this set was made? Like Laura, I also speculate the 50s/60s because of the popularity of turquoise and the atomic “eyes” pattern, but until we can see an actual catalog page, it will still remain one small mystery.

What a great find, Laura, and thank you SO much for letting us share your photos!

What’s for dinner? Enchiladas!

Wednesday May 4, 2011


As Pyrex collectors, one of the questions we get asked the most is: “Do you actually use your Pyrex?” The question is yes, yes, and yes! We have vintage (and contemporary) Pyrex pieces are all over our house and we do use them every day. Some of the pieces we use the most are the #222 8″ x 8″ square and the #507 Heinz Promotional baking pans, as you can see here, we’ve used them to bake “His & Her” enchiladas (I sadly cannot have too much dairy, so mine has soy cheese on top). The vintage glass bakes up evenly and keeps the food piping hot, much more so than newer glass.

One important thing to remember is to NEVER put vintage glass through extreme temperature changes - we made the enchiladas in room temperature and popped them into the oven. Never take a glass pan from the refrigerator directly into a hot oven, that’s just asking for trouble. If you take good care of your vintage Pyrex, they will work faithfully in your kitchen and serve your family hot and delicious meals for a long time to come.

Turquoise Love

Monday April 18, 2011

Ah, hello there Pyrex fans! Sorry we haven’t updated in a while, it’s mostly because our Pyrex collecting has slowed down quite a lot over the past year. There is only so much room in our house, and most of you know that Pyrex takes up a lot of space. We’ve also slowed down because (is this possible?>) we’re pretty much running out of pieces we want to collect. After so many years of collecting, we no longer just pick up every piece of Pyrex we see. We are now passing up minty pieces if the pattern is common, can you believe it?> Now we are getting more selective and are only picking up harder-to-find pieces. Like this Embroidery cinderella bowl!

Embroidery Cinderella Bowl

Embroidery has been on my want list for many years - it’s not super rare, but I just didn’t want to pay retail/antique store price for it. Finally found one in great condition at a reasonable price recently. Introduced in 1958, it was a promotional #443 bowl that came with a cradle and lid. We found just the bowl. Embroidery is such a lovely pattern, if I ever see the Embroidery black-on-yellow spacesaver, I will definitely jump on it!

Balloons Cinderella Bowl

Another recent find is this Balloons cinderella bowl, a 1958 promotional item (1958 was a great year!). It’s actually a Chip & Dip set - we have the “chip,” the larger #444 chip bowl. The “dip” is a #441 which holds 1.5 pints. It also comes with the elusive brass bracket which I personally think is harder to find in the wild than the bowls themselves!

Even though we’re not adding to our collection as much as before, we still enjoy seeing the excitement of other Pyrex fans. We encourage you to join the Pyrex Love community over at Flickr or sign up with our new and improved Facebook page. Thanks for stopping by!

Snowflake Pyrex on Mad Men

Tuesday July 27, 2010

Snowflake Pyrex on Madmen

So just a quickie post - we’ve been huge fans of AMC’s Mad Men series. Since the show is based in the 1960s and they pay really close attention to accurate set decor, every so often, we spot some vintage Pyrex being used in the show.

We’ve seen the Green Wheat Pyrex promo before in the show, but this time around it was a Turquoise Snowflake Oval Casserole that was the star for quite a long scene. It appeared in the premiere episode of season four - Peggy’s boyfriend was carrying it while she was talking to Don. The shot above is actually a screen-cap from some of the behind the scenes footage from the website. They have nicer photos from that episode, but none of the scene with the casserole.

Thanks to all the fans who also wrote in telling us about it. It appears that everyone’s “Pyrex radar” is working just fine!


Tuesday June 29, 2010

Spirograph Casserole - Pyrex Love

Whew, it’s been awhile since we’ve posted any finds up. We haven’t given up on searching for Pyrex for our collection, but we definitely have slowed our acquisitions. It’s just difficult to find promotional items at the thrift that we don’t already have. We did pick up this Spirograph promo casserole recently, which we’ve wanted for awhile. Unfortunately, there was no plastic green underplate which originally came with this item.

Golden Gooseberry

Monday May 17, 2010

Golden Gooseberry Cinderella Bowls

We were thrilled to see photos of these “Golden Gooseberry” cinderella mixing bowls in the PyrexLove Flickr group! Many thanks to HotforPyrex for sharing your photo with us.

Pinks and Blues

Thursday November 12, 2009

Pinks and Blues - Pyrex Love

Colder weather has been setting in here at Pyrex Love HQ in Southern Calif. With the chillier temps have come a strange increase in vintage Pyrex at the thrift stores. Not sure what the deal is, but above are just a few of the recent finds we’ve had.

First up is a Pink Daisy large oval 2.5 quart casserole (#045). This one came without the clear lid, but it was in such a nice condition that we needed to pick it up. Next was a Snowflake casserole, also an oval type, but this one had the lid (although it was chipped and damaged). This is also a smaller size 1.5 quart (#043). A nice pickup for the holidays. We were a bit surprised it wasn’t already grabbed because Xmas is around the corner.

The last was a standard size round cake pan in a Turquoise Blue color. It’s an 8 1/4 inch pan with #223. I believe these may have been sold both individually as well as part of baking sets.