The Pyrex Love website is meant to be a guide to vintage Pyrex. In the past, we have often stated that the goal is not to be a completely comprehensive guide. However, we are constantly adding information and pictures and the site has grown tremendously. Despite the wealth of information, you may not be able to find your Pyrex answers here. You might want to pick up one of the Pyrex Collector Guides on Amazon to supplement this site.

We’ve tried to provide an online community for glassware collectors who are interested primarily in Vintage Pyrex. We post about our own Pyrex finds as well other pieces that readers have come across. We have a Pyrex reference guide in which we try to list the different patterns and pieces you might come across. We are expanding that section as time permits and are also working on a FAQ . (Please contact us if you’re willing to help with this or contribute pictures for reference).

You can also join or view the pictures on the Pyrex Love Flickr group.

Hope you have a good time on the site!

~ Linda and Bryan

Quickie FAQ

Can you help in identifying the pattern on my vintage Pyrex piece?

We are now having EVERYONE with an identification problem go through the Flickr group. We just do not have the time to fully answer all the ID questions. In addition, the contact form doesn’t allow attaching pics so this is the easiest way. If you are not a Flickr member, it is very easy, and free, to join. As well, having to sign up and post a pic provides a bit of a “filter” - if you really want to find out about the pattern, we think you should be willing to go through that effort as well as contribute to the Pyrex group.

Before posting a pic on Flickr, have a look at the pattern picture reference and you may want to quickly check on eBay for a match.

Please note, the Flickr group is NOT (I repeat NOT) a place to sell or offer to sell Pyrex or anything else. Anyone violating that rule will be immediately banned from the group.

Can you tell me how much my Vintage Pyrex bowl is worth?

No. Sorry, we don’t respond to questions about Pyrex prices. But here are some words on determining what your item is worth. Before you go on, let’s get this all out of the way:

We DON’T give values or pricing on individual Pyrex pieces
We WON’T sell or buy your Vintage Pyrex directly (yet). We do sell some of our extras as well as non-Pyrex glassware occasionally.
We DON’T sell Pyrex Books directly (yet). Look on amazon.com for those.
We AREN’T affiliated with Corning Incorporated or World Kitchen, LLC.
WE DON’T know the answers to every Pyrex question!

I’d like to contribute pictures to the Pyrex reference.

That would be great! The reason we don’t have pictures for all of the different items and patterns in the reference guide is because we don’t just copy any picture from the web. We make sure that all of those pictures were either taken by ourselves or are available for use because it is licensed under the Creative Commons, or we have explicit permission from the copyright holder to use it. For pictures that aren’t our own, we attribute them to the best of our ability.

NOTE: The only exception to this rule is for the pattern database where small snippets of patterns may be used, because it would be difficult to try and take pictures of every single pattern ourselves. In most cases these are only interim snippets that will eventually be replaced.

If you would like to contribute to the online reference, we’d really appreciate it. We WILL give you credit for your photos. Please contact us using the form below letting us know which items you have pictures for, and we’ll let you know where you can send the pics.

Please note: Sorry to be picky but we reserve the right to reject any pictures that aren’t up to standards (blurry pics, etc.) Hint: Never use flash. Use natural light only. Learn how to set and use your focusing - on many digital cameras, pressing the button down halfway will do the trick.

I’m an antique store / Ebay store specializing in Vintage Glass. Can I take out a related advert somewhere on your site?

Most likely, the answer is yes as long as what you are selling is somewhat related to the subject matter of this site. Please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page about what you have in mind. We don’t give out advertising prices on the site.

If there is enough demand for it, we may also be implementing “want” ads for Pyrex in the future.

Where did you find out about all the different Pyrex patterns and varieties?

Some of the patterns are from pieces we own and others we discovered through pieces listed on Ebay. We’ve seen a lot of pieces at flea markets, swap meets, garage sales and antique stores. We had help verifying information using several books, including Pyrex: The Unauthorized Collectors Guide (by Barbara E. Mauzy) and Pyrex by Corning: A Collectors Guide (by Susan Rogove and Marcia Steinhauer). PLEASE NOTE: this site is meant to complement and not replace any of these books, nor were any pictures or text copied from those books. We’d highly recommend you purchase one of the books because there is invaluable information in them for collectors of Pyrex.

Who runs this site?

We do! This is one of those hobby site / labour of love type of things that has taken a ton of time to setup. Still, it’s been fun…

Contacting Pyrex Love

Before you write, you may want to look in the Pattern Reference or FAQ to see if your question has already been answered. Please use the Flickr group for any identification questions. And remember, we CANNOT answer emails asking about how much a particular Pyrex piece is worth.

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