Pattern: Autumn Harvest
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Pattern of white horizontal bunches of wheat stalks on a red-brown or red-orange solid colors. Some of the wheat stalks in the clusters are "lighter" in color. Also known as: Wheat Stalks, Autumn, Wheat Harvest, Summer Grain.
Item Type: Diagonal Handle Coffee Mugs
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #1410 (300 ml or 9oz)
Original Box#s: 1410-49

Autumn Harvest 1410 Mug - Pyrex Love

These standard Diagonal Handle Pyrex mugs are opal white and have the familiar Autumn Harvest pattern along both sides of the mug. The color of the wheat pattern is a very dark burnt-orange rust color. Interestingly, the pattern on one side is a mirror image of the other side (sorry, you can’t see that in the photo above!)

It actually took us a longer time to find one of these Diagonal Handle mugs in Autumn Harvest than it did to pick up Butterfly Gold and Old Town. We believe these were also made to complement Corelle and were sold in sets of 4. The original boxes we’ve seen, however, did not say “Compatibles” on it.

The bottom of the mug that we have is marked with the square Pyrex writing stamp and is Microwave safe. It also has the 1410 number as well as 300ml capacity written on the bottom.

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