Pattern: Autumn Harvest
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Pattern of white horizontal bunches of wheat stalks on a red-brown or red-orange solid colors. Some of the wheat stalks in the clusters are "lighter" in color. Also known as: Wheat Stalks, Autumn, Wheat Harvest, Summer Grain.
Item Type: 480 (470) Series Cinderella Round Casserole Set
Years Manufactured: 1982 - ?
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Sizes and ID#s: #473 (1 L) #474 (1.5 L) #475 (2 L)

This Autumn Harvest “Round” Casserole set is similar to the Bake-Serve-Store set except that as the sizes of the casseroles increase, the diameter also increases. I’m not an expert on the casserole line so I’m not 100% sure about this, but it seems like the smallest 1 L “Round” Casserole is the same as the largest Bake-Serve-Store size #473. The number seems to be the same in some of the auctions I’ve seen online, so this leads me to believe that is the case.

After some research, though, I’ve definitely seen original boxes that state the number 480 on the box. I believe it may be that the series is called 480, even though the numbers on the bottom of the bowls are in the 470s (473,474,475). This is similar to the Box numbers on the 3 piece mixing bowl sets which are “300″ while the actual bowls themselves are 401-403. How’s that for confusing?

We are also categorizing these as Round “Casseroles” but some people call them Round Bake Sets. I figured it’s easier to throw them all in one category, Casseroles.

All of these casseroles have the familiar “cinderella” handles on either side. The colors also alternate correctly for this Round Casserole set: the smallest 1L #473 is darker red brown, the medium 1.5L #474 is orange brown and the largest 2L #475 is red-brown again. I’ve also seen the Round Casserole Set listed with numbers in the “480″s - we don’t have as many of these casserole sets so can’t confirm this (please write in if you can provide a definitive answer!)

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