Pattern: Snowflake
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Eloquent 6 sided snowflakes in 2 lines along the side of the item. There are different color schemes this pattern appears in: turquoise on white, white on turquoise and white on black (called "Charcoal"), with the latter being the least common. We have also seen a casserole with white snowflakes on PINK that we believe was Crown Pyrex. The snowflakes alternate large and small in the pattern. See "Snowflake Blue" for a different pattern that is distinct, although people often lump them together. Also known as: Winter, Black Snowflakes, Snowflake Blue.
Item Type: Oblong Space Saver Casseroles w/ Covers Series 548,575
Years Manufactured: 1957 - ?
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #548 (1.25 quart) #575 (2 quart) #550 (box number for promotional including both) #550MC (metal cover) #550C (glass cover)
Original Box#s: 548-OTS, 548-19WS, 548-20WS, (and same with 570)

Pyrex Love - Snowflake Charcoal Space Savers

These Snowflake Pyrex oblong casseroles are going to be listed here on one page to save space… funny, because they are known as “Space Savers”! Also, we know this exists in more than one color but we are also going to list them all together. There are basically two possible sizes the casseroles themselves came in: 1.25 quart (#548) and 2 quart (#575). Both have the snowflakes along their longer sides, and both are the same length and width - the 2 quart one is just deeper. They were meant to be stacked in the refrigerator.

I believe the space savers came in all three color variations - It’s always interesting to see the Black Snowflake, as it is colloquially called - the true name is White Snowflakes on “Charcoal”, as we have seen boxes that have that name. We were lucky enough to find both the 1.25 and 2 qt casseroles with metal lids and glass lid recently.

Pyrex Love - Snowflake Charcoal Space Savers

OK, as mentioned earlier with the Pink Daisy Oblong Casseroles, there were different configurations these could be bought in. However, we are not sure whether or not these were sold as Promotional Sets together like the Pink Daisy ones were. (In that case, they had an “Oven-Freezer-Server Set” which came with the #548 and #575 casseroles, 2 metal aluminum lids and a glass cover that fits both casseroles. And they had a “Oven-Freezer Casserole” which only included the #575 casserole, clear lid, and a wire caddy.) It SEEMS like they might have sold both together, but we need some original boxed sets to be sure.

What is certain is that the casseroles were sometimes sold with metal lids. These interesting aluminum flat rounded corner lids fit exactly on top of the casseroles and are marked as “Pyrex Brand 550MC Made In U.S.A.” You might remember we had previously been confused as to whether or not these were made for Pyrex, or someone just found a lid that fit. They definitely are made by Pyrex, here is a pic:

Pyrex Love - Snowflake Charcoal Space Savers

The glass lid also fits both casseroles and is marked as 550C along with a batch number on the handle. Again, if anyone has the full oven-freezer-server set boxed with documentation, we’d like to know what exactly came in them. We have seen original boxes with a casserole and glass lid being sold separately, but not the two together. Interestingly, in the Rogove-Steinhauer book, they have a dealer advertisement that has all the different combinations of series numbers and colors for the space savers.

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