Item Type: Promotional Round Casserole Series 924
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #024 (2 quart)

'Blowing Leaves' Promotional - Pyrex Love

Thank you to studiosmith for the photo of the casserole above.

This is a wonderful turquoise colored round bottomed casserole with a leaf motif in white. We believe it to be a promotional, although it hasn’t been conclusively identified in a dealer advert yet. We have seen it called a number of things, including “Blue Leaves” but since there are quite a few items that might be confused with that, we’re going with Merebearlandon’s suggestion of “Blowing Leaves” for now.

The pattern does indeed resemble various leaves being blown along the side of the casserole - others have noted the little asterisks that could be snowflakes which seem to back that up. This leads us to believe that perhaps it was a winter promotional…

The casserole is a standard #024 two quart size that originally came with a domed clear lid with handle. I believe this also came with a cradle originally, but we’re not sure what kind.

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