Item Type: Cinderella Round Casserole Series 470 / 480
Years Manufactured: 1961
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Sizes and ID#s: #474 (1.5 qt)

Pyrex Love - Bride's Casserole

This wonderful patterned promo casserole dates to 1961. As far as we know, there is only 1 item with the Bride’s pattern. The above picture was contributed by Merebearlandon. The casserole is a standard #474 1.5 quart sized Cinderella round model and to our knowledge originally came with both a standard clear lid and brass wire cradle with wood handles. The opal white casserole is adorned with various types of green flowers and plants around its sides.

Update 3/2009: We were able to find our own Bride’s Promo Casserole at the thrift - this is only the base as well, and it had quite a bit of grease stains.

Bride's Casserole - Pyrex Love

I’m thinking that a lot of people might pass this over thinking it wasn’t a Pyrex promo, especially if it was very dirty. The reason is that there are a ton of Fire King and Glasbake casseroles that have a “green-only” pattern, so maybe you might think it was just another piece from those companies. We like the design on the Bride’s much better, though.

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