Pattern: Brittany Blue
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Light purplish-blue flowering vines on top of an even lighter shade of blue. The tops of the bowls have 3 bands, the 2 outer of which are lines while the middle one looks like diagonal leaves. Some of the other items like casseroles have only these 3 bands with no flowers, or are a solid darker shade of blue with these 3 bands at the top. Also known as: French Blue, Hearth Pattern (along w/ Federal Eagle), Britain Blue
Item Type: 489 Series 10 ounce Pyrex Mugs
Years Manufactured: 1967
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Sizes and ID#s: #489 (10 ounce)

Brittany Blue Mug - Pyrex Love

The Brittany Blue mugs are one of the more unusual styles of Pyrex mugs. To our knowledge, only the shape only exists for the two pattern in the Hearth Group - Brittany Blue and Federal Eagle. Thanks to Merebearlandon, who sent us this Brittany Blue mug, we are able to provide more information than we had before.

There were actually two patterns for the mug in the Brittany Blue pattern - one was the one shown with an extremely light purple blue base color and the handpainted looking flowers in a darker purple blue. This is the same pattern that appears on mixing bowls. The second has the darker solid blue with a band of diagonal leaves and lines in light blue near the bottom of the mug - that one is the same one as the casseroles.

Brittany Blue Mug - Pyrex Love

The mug shape is quite different - first you’ll notice the handle is very high up on the mug, near the top of the rim actually. It also has a little dimple sticking out at the bottom. The bottom of the mug is quite wide for Pyrex mugs - similar in size to the Terra mug. The mug is also rather hefty and solid.

It is a 10 ounce mug and is marked as #489 on the bottom.

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