Pattern: Brittany Blue
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Light purplish-blue flowering vines on top of an even lighter shade of blue. The tops of the bowls have 3 bands, the 2 outer of which are lines while the middle one looks like diagonal leaves. Some of the other items like casseroles have only these 3 bands with no flowers, or are a solid darker shade of blue with these 3 bands at the top. Also known as: French Blue, Hearth Pattern (along w/ Federal Eagle), Britain Blue
Item Type: 483-485 Series Round Casseroles
Years Manufactured: 1967
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Sizes and ID#s: #483 (1.5 quart) #485 (3 quart)

These round casseroles that are part of the Brittany Blue pattern are pretty unusual in that they don’t seen to have handles at all. That is, they are completely round - sort of like a flat bottomed mixing bowl. Usually, casseroles of this type had some sort of ears on the sides to make for easier carrying. Often those were the so-called Cinderella handles. Not so with these casseroles, and neither do they have any lids. I wonder if that made them a bit difficult to handle.

We’d have to do some searching but it also appears that not many (if any) other casseroles came in these numbers and sizes which are the 1.5 quart 483 casserole and 3.0 quart 485 casserole. The odd quart sizes are consistent, however, with both the Brittany Blue mixing bowls as well as the related Federal Eagle pattern bowls.

Instead of blue flowers on a lighter blue background, these casseroles are a much darker solid blue in color but the rim is decorated with the “diagonal leaves” pattern from the tart pans. That band is the same blue on lighter blue color.

Update 9/2008: As stated on the Brittany Blue Tart Pan page there are cases where these casseroles were sold with the tart pan as a Bake n’ Serve set.

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