Item Type: Tableware Small Plate Series 711
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Sizes and ID#s: #711 (7 1/4 inches)

Pyrex Love - Neon Weave Plate

We’ve only seen a few examples of this more uncommon pattern on Pyrex Tableware. It’s frequently confused with the more common Brown or Copper Filigree pattern. We came up empty when searching for an official name, so we called it the “Neon Weave” pattern pattern for awhile. This is because of it’s highly interesting bright green, nearly fluorescent pattern on top of a reddish brown band. We’ve since heard that this pattern is actually called “Bronze” and also comes in a light blue color called “Sapphire”.

Maybe it’s not the prettiest of color combos, but it is quite different. The pattern is an intricate weaving of stylized flowers and plants.

Pyrex Love - Neon Weave Plate 2

On both the top and bottom edges of the brown band there are additional designed lines that sort of look like woven jewelry chain links.

This plate is 7 1/4″ across and is about the size of a dinner roll plate. It’s marked with the usual “Pyrex Brand Tableware by Corning Made in U.S.A” on the bottom, along with the ID# 711. We like these tableware plates because they’re rather heavy and sturdy compared to a lot of other plates made today. Not sure if they were institutional / restaurant ware or if it was used in the home as well.

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