Item Type: Promotional Round Casserole Dish w/ Plastic Caddy
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Sizes and ID#s: #475 (2.5 quart)

Pyrex Love - Brown Onion promo

This is a very interesting promotional casserole that we’re calling “Brown Onion” (several readers also call it something similar). It has very distinctive markings on both the base and lid. Starting with the lid, it is a standard opal white one with 3 sets of brown concentric circles (4 circles in each set). When we first saw this casserole long ago, we called it “False Cosmopolitan” because of the lid’s resemblance to that particular lid which also has concentric brown circles (though they are much thicker).

The tan to light beige colored base of the casserole, however, doesn’t have the bullseye markings of the Cosmopolitan casserole. Instead it has stylized petals or what looks like a chopped up brown onion, in a darker brown pattern.

This casserole was a 2.5 quart one and came with a dark brown or amber clear plastic caddy or cradle. According to Merebearlandon, who also contributed the above picture, the cradle is NOT Bakelite as has been reported often in auctions but actually plastic.

Update: 11/07 Thanks to a great catalogue scan by Alan (Mackem54), we’ve since learned that these plastic type of cradles were called “Hugger Cradles”. It is still unclear if NONE of these types of cradles are Bakelite - we still see many sellers list this as Bakelite in auctions, but it seems a lot of them were just plain plastic.

We recently saw an original box picture for this item, but sadly the text on the box was not readable. The box itself was colored dark brown and had part of the onion pattern all over the box in beige - it sort of reminded me of a leopard or tiger print!

Update 12/07: We actually found one of these the other day, so here are some more pictures. The hugger cradle is marked “Not For Oven Use”.

Brown Onion Promo - Pyrex Love

Brown Onion Promo - Pyrex Love

Brown Onion Promo - Pyrex Love

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