Pattern: Burgundy
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Burgundy features a simple and sparse band of tiny red-brown or magenta flowers. For Pyrex the pattern is mostly known from just the Tea Cup Mugs. The flowers in the pattern are made out of tiny dots which give it an interesting pixelated and iconic look. There is also a single magenta line accompanying the flower pattern. Also known as: Red Flowers, Burgundy Rose.
Item Type: C Handle Coffee Tea Mugs
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Sizes and ID#s: No Number (10 oz)

Burgundy Tea-Cup Mug - Pyrex Love

This wonderful pattern consists mostly of a sparse tiny flower arrangement in a line around the tea cup / mug. The color is a wine burgundy dark red, and there is an accompanying colored line running around the cup as well. These were meant to be compatible with the Corelle pattern of the same name - as for Pyrex items, the tea mugs seem to be the only examples of Burgundy (they didn’t come on butter dishes or creamer / sugars, unlike some of the other patterns). The pattern is sort of reminiscient of Morning Blue. although that pattern has a wavy line and more flowers in the arrangement.

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