Pattern: Butterfly Gold
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Various butterflies and five petaled flowers. Most commonly a yellow-brown pattern on white, though the reverse of white on yellow-brown also exists. Two distinct pattern variations exist for various items - one has just the butterflies and flowers while the other has those items embedded on "wheat stalks", much like the Autumn Harvest pattern. Some lids feature a ring of butterfly gold with a single flower in the center, and the smallest size refrigerator box contains a single flower. Some other items (mugs and some casseroles) may not have butterflies in the pattern and only flowers. Also known as: Golden Butterflies, Five Petal Flowers
Item Type: Lab Beaker Technical Glass
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: 200 ml (no number)

Pyrex Love - Blue Butterfly Gold BeakerThis is definitely one of the more interesting Pyrex items we’ve come across. It is an ordinary Technical Glass Beaker that is very common, except that it has the Butterfly Gold pattern on it in a bright BLUE. I first saw this item in Pyrex: The Unauthorized Collectors Guide (by Barbara E. Mauzy) in the short section at the end on technical glass. At the time I didn’t realize that it was actually the same as the Butterfly Gold pattern.

It is actually quite a small item at about 3 1/4 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. It holds about 200 ml. The pattern does not extend around the entire glass, as it does on some other clear items.

The other side of the beaker features the words “Pyrex Only From Corning” in that same blue shade. Underneath the words, there is an rounded corner rectangle blue space where you can label the beaker.

Pyrex Love - Blue Butterfly Gold Beaker FRONT

Pyrex Love - Blue Butterfly Gold Beaker BACK

One interesting thing is that the piece we have is not perfect… that is to say there seem to be places in the rim of the glass that are warped, and there is a large dimple on the bottom. This is strange, because we know that it must be a more recent piece, perhaps late 70s to early 80s or even more recent, because of the butterfly gold pattern and the fact that the measurement is in metric. But usually you don’t see so many anomalies in the glass in newer items. So perhaps it was a piece that got rejected off the assembly line, but someone in the plant used it nevertheless.

We are also including this in the Pyrex Colors section even though it should otherwise be put in a section for technical glass (that we haven’t started up yet!). But because it does have the Butterfly Gold pattern, we figured collectors of that pattern might appreciate seeing it!

Update 5/07: Since we now also have the matching butterfly blue flask, here’s a picture of both of them together:

Pyrex Love - Butterfly Gold Blue Flask and Beaker

Update 3/08: Having seen some original boxes, we now believe this to be part of a 1977 promotional for the Corning Centennial.

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