Pattern: Butterfly Gold
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Various butterflies and five petaled flowers. Most commonly a yellow-brown pattern on white, though the reverse of white on yellow-brown also exists. Two distinct pattern variations exist for various items - one has just the butterflies and flowers while the other has those items embedded on "wheat stalks", much like the Autumn Harvest pattern. Some lids feature a ring of butterfly gold with a single flower in the center, and the smallest size refrigerator box contains a single flower. Some other items (mugs and some casseroles) may not have butterflies in the pattern and only flowers. Also known as: Golden Butterflies, Five Petal Flowers
Item Type: Lab Erlenmeyer Flask Technical Glass
Years Manufactured: 1977
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: 175 ml (no number)

Pyrex Love - Butterfly Gold Blue FlaskWe were lucky enough to pick up this Erlenmeyer Flask with the Blue Butterfly Gold pattern on it the other day. So we have what we think is the set of the two now, including the Butterfly Gold Blue Beaker (see that entry for more details). If anyone knows if there are more to this set, please let us know!

This flask is standard technical glass, except that it has the Butterfly Gold pattern pattern on it in aqua blue. The size is fairly small - there is no marking on the bottom for capacity but when measured it held about 175 ml. One side of the flask contains words “Pyrex Only From Corning” along with a blue rectangle which was meant to be written on. Thankfully, no one wrote on ours!

The other side has the butterfly gold pattern snippet on it. The flask itself is about 4.5 inches tall. Again, we haven’t put this in a seperate section for technical lab glass - although it should probably be in there. If you’re an expert on Pyrex lab glassware, let us know - we’d like to ask you some questions and hopefully get some pics!

Pyrex Love - Butterfly Gold Blue Flask

Here is the picture of the pair, now that we have both of them:

Pyrex Love - Butterfly Gold Blue Flask and Beaker

Update 3/08: Having seen some original boxes, we now believe this to be part of a 1977 promotional for the Corning Centennial.

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