Butterfly Gold Bonanza

Friday August 1, 2008

Butterfly Gold Goodies - Pyrex Love

Ok, so it’s not really a “bonanza”. Still, we’ve picked up quite a few nice Butterfly Gold pyrex items lately. We’ve come across the #441 Cinderella bowl and the #502 mid size refrigerator dish in the picture before. But this is the first time we’ve found a #664 Four Quart Round Casserole.

These things are enormous, it looks much smaller in the picture. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the lid for the dish which is a bit different than the normal round casserole lid. The lid for this is usually domed and has a knob. Sometimes it has an opaque “spray” texture to it and other times it’s just plain clear glass. Hopefully, we’ll find an orphan lid that someone donated to the thrift in the future.

3 Responses to “Butterfly Gold Bonanza”

  1. Melodie Says:

    These are adorable!

  2. Jen Says:

    This is my favorite place to find out about Pyrex! Keep up the good work!

  3. elisa Says:

    I am drooling over the loveliness!