Chemex Coffeemaker

Wednesday November 4, 2009


Came across this larger Chemex coffeemaker which is made using Pyrex glass. Earlier, I’d seen a pair of them for cheap at an estate sale, but stupidly only bought the smaller one. This one has the typical green color of stamp you see on flameware, and reads “Chemex U.S. Patent 2,411,340 Made in U.S.A. From Pyrex Brand Glass”.


We actually use our Chemex regularly to make coffee. Since this one has quite a bit of wear on the handle, I think we’ll also be using it for everyday coffee. You simply put the coffee filter in the mouth, spoon ground coffee into that, and pour boiling water over the top. Then toss the filter, and pour the coffee out the spout. Nice to make use of Pyrex early in the morning…

2 Responses to “Chemex Coffeemaker”

  1. Kim Says:

    If you are interested, replacement handles are available at link.

  2. Will Owen Says:

    In the ’70s, a Chemex pot was as necessary a possession for the truly hip person as an AR turntable or some Dansk cookware. Fast forward to the early ’00s, and I’m on a camping weekend with a large group, and I’m carrying my Chemex pot full of water back to our campsite to make coffee, and this 40-something guy sees it and with a big grin says, “Wow, my grandma had one of them!”

    I don’t care, they’re still my perfect coffee maker … even if I do have to go to Peet’s to get filters. Yes, I could order them from the company (same as the wooden collars) but this gives me a good excuse to go to Peet’s!