Pattern: Colonial Mist
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Various large-petal daisy flowers with stems, with the most common being blue one white as well as reversed. Some of the flowers have petals that are lighter than others. More uncommon are mixing bowls that are completely clear with the same Colonial Mist pattern put on them. Also known as: French Daisy, Blue Daises, Blue Flowers
Item Type: 470 Series Colonial Mist Cinderella Bake-Serve-Store Casserole Set
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Sizes and ID#s: #471 (500 mL) #472 (750 mL) #473 (1 L)

This is the Colonial Mist pattern which comes in a navy blue and white print as well as opal white with blue print. The print itself features daisies (some alternate names for this pattern exist, including “French Daisies” and “Floral Daisies”).

This is your standard alternating color series of cinderella bake serve store casseroles with flat bottoms, though I believe that the bottom is marked metric instead of the normal pint and quart (leading me to believe this is a later pattern, sometime in the late 70s? But interestingly, I thought the mixing bowls in this pattern actually had pints and quarts.). The sizes seem to be: 471 500 mL which is white on blue, 472 750 mL which is blue on white, and 473 1 liter which is white on blue again. The lids on these pyrex casseroles are clear without any designs.

Here’s a picture of the Bake Serve Stores for Colonial Mist submitted by Stephanie. Note the diameter of the casseroles don’t change as they get bigger, but the depth does. This is indicative of Bake Serve Store sets, as opposed to standard Round Casseroles.

Pyrex Love - Colonial Mist Bake Serve Store

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