Pattern: Colonial Mist
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Various large-petal daisy flowers with stems, with the most common being blue one white as well as reversed. Some of the flowers have petals that are lighter than others. More uncommon are mixing bowls that are completely clear with the same Colonial Mist pattern put on them. Also known as: French Daisy, Blue Daises, Blue Flowers
Item Type: 320 Series Mixing Bowls Set
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Sizes and ID#s: #326 (4 L)

Pyrex Love - Colonial Mist 326 Clear

This is an interesting set of newer bowls featuring the Colonial Mist pattern which is also sometimes called “French Daisy” or “Floral Daisy” or any number of other flower names. I found one of the larger 4 Liter sized ones at the thrift shop that was almost completely gray with dirt. I almost couldn’t see the colonial mist pattern.

These are definitely newer bowls that are different in shape than the standard 400 series bowls. They have a definite “lip” around the rim that characterizes new bowls and they have a “bullseye” set of concentric circles on the bottom (I believe to prevent slippage).

Pyrex Love - Colonial Mist 326 CloseupThe sizes are 1L, 1.5 L, 2.5 L and 4L. I’m not sure what the numbers are exactly, but since I have the largest 4L and it is 326, I had assumed it would be #323-326. Would appreciate clarification on that if you happen to have the bowls.

It’s rather difficult to take accurate pictures of such large sized clear bowls, but I’ve given it a shot. To the right is a closeup of the actual Colonial Mist pattern. Also interesting is that the 4L bowl is quite larger than the standard 4 quart bowl in diameter.

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