Item Type: Promotional Divided Dish Casserole Series 963
Years Manufactured: Christmas 1959
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Sizes and ID#s: #963 (1.5 quart)
Original Box#s: 063-M

Compass Signs Snack Server - Pyrex Love

This is an interesting divided dish promotional item from Christmas 1959 that came with a brass colored carrying “detachable” handle. The handle is what makes it interesting - the two ends of the carrying handle slips over each end of the divided dish so that you can carry it from the top. Unfortunately, most of the time when found, the divided dish has been separated from the handle, as was the one we found.

The designs on the standard 1.5 quart divided dish itself have been described variously as “compass signs”, rosettes or snowflakes. They do look a bit like elaborate compass markings, so we’ve left that in the title even though on the original box, the item is just noted as a “Snack Server“. The full text on the one side of the box we’ve seen reads: “Pyrex Snack Server / Divided Dish with Detachable Handle / No. 063-M”. The box itself is unusually shaped - it looks like an orange tent. I believe that’s because it was shipped with the handle attached to the top, so a triangle was the only shape that would accomodate it.

I didn’t think this would’ve come with a lid, but some people have reported that it did have a standard undivided clear glass lid.

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