Item Type: Promotional Divided Dish Casserole Series 963
Years Manufactured: Spring 1959
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Sizes and ID#s: #963 (1.5 quart)
Original Box#s: 963-CW

Pyrex Love - Constellation Promo

This is a pretty simple promotional divided dish design. It features a number of yellow stars of different sizes on an opal white background. These stars are similar to a compass rose. The diagonal points of the stars have a single small dot at the end of each of them.

Although this has sometimes been described as gold leaf, it is NOT (we have this casserole). It is a dark yellow color decal, and not gold. In addition, we have seen this listed as a 1962 promotion on another site. This is incorrect, as we have seen several 1959 Spring dealer promotional adverts that show this casserole. We are not sure if that was the exact year it came out, but it seems likely.

Pyrex Love - Constellation Closeup

This divided casserole came with a clear lid (we found ours without the lid though) and also a brass double candle warmer holder with the standard white handles. One of these days, we WILL find a candle warmer holder along with a piece of Pyrex. As of yet, we haven’t ever found them along w/ the Pyrex pieces we find.

As with many of the divided dishes, this has a capacity of 1 1/2 quarts marked on the bottom, but there is no ID number. We know that this is the standard 963/063 size, however. One other interesting note is that in the book “Pyrex by Corning - A Collector’s Guide” by Rogove and Steinhauer, there is a picture of a #472 1.5 quart Round Promotional casserole that is listed as “Constellation” and this was stated as 1962. In addition, it looks like those stars are in gold leaf! We believe that could be where the confusion lies.

That particular casserole pictured is highly interesting, because while it has a normal clear lid like most casseroles, it also has what looks like an additional lid (or trivet?) that has a large constellation star within a circle embossed on it. There are weird looking metal(?) handles on either end of this too. In any case, if we do happen to come across one of these, we’ll be listing it separately instead of lumped together with the Constellation Divided Dish.

Pyrex Love - Constellation Closeup 2

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