Corning Ware Pyrex “Grab It” Bowl

Monday September 4, 2006

Pyrex Love - Corning Grab-It Bowl

I know this is very modern Pyrex but I felt like posting about it because it brings back a lot of good memories of eating re-heated meals in the apartments when I was in college. It’s called a “Grab-It Bowl” and it feature a white Corning base along with a clear brown Pyrex glass top.

The most interesting thing about this mini-casserole is that instead of two smaller handles on either side it has a single large semi-circle “grabber” handle. Both the cover and the base have the handle, so it’s meant to be grabbed and held together. From experience, this can be a bit awkward depending on the size of your hand! Still, many a leftover lunch was stored in the fridge and cooked up in this bowl.

I believe it is a 15 ounce bowl and the cover is marked P-150-C and the base is P-150-B. Although I used it in the early 90s, I’ve actually seen many varieties of these bowls (for all I know, they still sell it), some with plastic covers and in different covers.

9 Responses to “Corning Ware Pyrex “Grab It” Bowl”

  1. Kay Zimmerman Says:

    I am looking to purchase a few of these bowls. Do you know where I can find them?
    Thank you.

  2. pyrex love Says:

    kay - I’d definitely check on Ebay since I’ve seen them sold there before. Also, the other day I saw a bunch at the local thrift store, so you may want to check there or at Goodwill. I have seen them both with plastic lids and with glass lids, the former being more common.

  3. Alicia Daugherty Says:

    I have 3 I would sell, I don’t have those covers, mine are older than these and didn’t come with covers, though I did have another one with a flat plastic cover but I beleive it got broken (that why I have 3).

    Kay, you can email me if you are interested, I’d make you a really good deal, how about $15 for all 3?


  4. ann goodwin Says:

    I am looking for glass lids for the p150 and looking for the 240 bowls. I love these bowls, especially the ones with the glass lids since can stack in refrigerator.
    I also use the plastic lids for putting items in the freezer. Do the larger bowls, 240, have a plastic lid?

  5. bobert Says:

    You should know that this is actually a mixed set you’ve got. The white bowls originally came with a clear glass lid. This lid is made to match a bowl the same color that it is. They work together just fine, but I just wanted to clarify that for any confused readers.

  6. pyrex love Says:

    OK, thank you for that clarification. Interesting, though because I thought I was given this one new - I wonder how my parents mixed the lid up.

    Also, to the previous readers, please do not use the comments to sell things. We’re going to have to delete any further ones.

  7. glassfinder Says:

    You can find these through Also, if you have FrySupermarkets (market place) in your area, you can find these in the bakeware department.

  8. Grace Says:

    I LOVE these bowls. I have the clear glass covers, translucent plastic and white rubber lids. I have white bowls and the smoke bowls. I used them for home made baby food when my son was a baby. It was a great way to keep plastics out of my baby’s life - just the right size to hold while feeding him!

    I got mine at yard sales, etc., but I’ve seen them in the grocery store.

  9. Kyle Says:

    The Grab-it is still available in the Corningware Frech White line. They are sold as individual bowls with white plastic lids sold separately (glass covers no longer made). Find them at Corningware, Corelle, and More stores in outlet mall locations or check