Item Type: Promotional Cinderella Round Casserole w/ Trivet Series 470
Years Manufactured: 1972
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #473 (1 quart)
Original Box#s: 5571

Crazy Quilt (Mod Pinwheel) - Pyrex Love

Ok, I have to admit we’re a little sad to relinquish the name “Mod Pinwheel” that we originally gave to this casserole since it was one of our favorite “given” names. However, in light of Alan (Mackem 54)’s original catalogue scans, the “true” name for this casserole pattern is now known: Crazy Quilt. The photo above is from a 1972 catalogue scan, it was apparently released as a gift that year. Well, perhaps we’ll recycle the “pinwheel” name elsewhere!

Crazy Quilt Box - Pyrex LoveThis is a wonderful casserole with a deep green base and a lid that features what looked like to us as green pinwheels or gears surrounded by a mod-ish looking blue pattern. Apologies to the Ebay seller whose box picture at right we’ve shown here - I can’t seem to find your name to give you credit. This is a 1 quart standard round #473 style promotional casserole that was shipped with a gold brass colored metal round trivet that had 2 metal circles for the casserole to rest on and three rounded feet for the cradle bottom.

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