Pattern: Daisy
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Various oversized daisy patterns in mostly orange and yellow. Solid color items appear in this pattern set in orange and yellow colors. Casserole lids are often white with a single large yellow and orange daisy on the top. Also known as: Sunflower (very commonly mislabled as this), Yellow Daisies, Crazy Daisy (miscategorized - this refers to a variation of Spring Blossom)
Item Type: 400 (300) Series Mixing Bowls Set
Years Manufactured: 1960s - ?
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Sizes and ID#s: #401 yellow (1.5 pint) #402 golden yellow(1.5 quart) #403 orange (2.5 quart) #404 dark orange (4 quart)

Note: there is still some confusion as to whether or not this set is called Citrus or if it is from the “Daisy” pattern line. We are now relatively certain that the Citrus name was made up later on (similar to how “Spring Blossom Green” is now often referred to the made up name “Crazy Daisy”). Evidence of this comes from the Daisy advertising insert that seems to show the 3 largest of these bowls. There is also a high possibility that the Pyrex Daisy line was later called Citrus because of the Corelle pattern by the same name that features bands of a similar orange color.

Also, we have yet to see an original box that has the name Citrus anywhere. However, we can say with certainty that we have seen an original box with the Refrigerator dishes that were originally thought to be called Citrus that says “Daisy” right on the box. And since there were only ever two items, Mixing Bowls and the Refrigerator dishes, where the confusion occurred this means that now there are only the Mixing Bowls in question. It seems highly unlikely that the mixing bowls alone were called Citrus. So we are going to list this under the Daisy pattern for now, until proof against it is found.

These Mixing Bowls are great to liven up a dull room with their bright sunny colors. At first I thought the smallest two #401 1 1/2 pint and #402 1 1/2 quart bowls were both the same shade of yellow - like the refrigerator set in this line. But they’re not and that was due to a bad photo I saw. I knew this probably wasn’t correct because usually the 4 bowls either alternate in color, are all the same color, or are each a different color.

Interestingly, I think I’ve also seen a set of alternating light orange and darker orange 400 series mixing bowls, but I’m not sure if that set was put together from pieces from different sets.

So the first #401 bowl is yellow, the second #402 is a darker yellow, third size #403 bowl is a light orange in color while the largest 4 quart #404 bowl is a deeper orange in color. I think this may have also come as a 300 set of 3 bowls.

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