Item Type: Promotional Cinderella Divided Dish Series 963
Years Manufactured: Spring 1959
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Sizes and ID#s: #963 (1.5 Quart) #045 Lid
Original Box#s: 963-CW-1

Pyrex Love - Dandelion Duet

This pattern is commonly called the “Dandelion” pattern, because of the obvious golden dandelions symbols on the cream colored base. However, we’ve actually seen original boxes (the ones we’ve seen have been a magenta-purple in color) with this exact pattern that say “Duet Casserole”. Whether this was another one of Pyrex’s “broad” classifications (i.e. Decorator or Hospitality) remains to be seen, though we haven’t yet seen another original box for a different item that said “Duet”. But we’ll be calling it “Dandelion Duet” for now, just to cover both bases. Some people have also labeled this as the “Thistle” pattern.

Added 2/23/07: Actually I recently saw an original box for this with “963-CW-1″ on it. I guess the “CW” is for candlewarmer…

There are eight dandelion or thistle puffs on each side of this divided dish, of four different types (2 each on a side, but not in exactly repeating order).

This casserole is interesting because it came with double candle warmers in a brass colored stand, but it also was a standard #963 “divided dish” 1 1/2 quart casserole. It came with a clear lid that was also divided. (You’ll see both divided and non-divided lids with these divided dishes. It’s not confirmed whether or not the non-divided lids ever came with these dishes, or if they were simply added on later by collectors who wanted a lid for their dishes). As usual, the bottom of this divided dish is not marked with a number, only a capacity. The lids are marked 945C, whether divided or not.

This was supposedly from a Spring 1959 Promotion. Although the Dandelion Duets we’ve seen were gold leaf on cream, there have apparently been some sightings of dishes with black dandelions. Not sure if the color difference was simply misinterpreted from a picture that was dark, or if those do indeed exist.

We found ours at a local thrift shop with the divided clear cover but minus the cradle and candle warmers. Here’s some closeups of the pattern… it’s quite difficult to get a good picture of the gold leaf because it tends to reflect like crazy or just looks brown in color.

Pyrex Love - Dandelion Duet Closeup

Pyrex Love - Dandelion Duet Closeup

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