Pattern: Solid Colors
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Various color shades, but all completely solid colored on the Pyrex item. Also known as: Primary Colors, Multi-Colored, Yellow Red Green Blue
Item Type: 1063 Series Delphite Bluebelle Cinderella Divided Dish
Years Manufactured: 1960-1962
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Sizes and ID#s: #1063 (1.5 quart) oval casserole
Original Box#s: 1063M

Pyrex Love - Delphite Blue Div Dish

This piece combines a lot of interesting things that Pyrex collectors look for - namely interesting design in the so-called Oval Divided Serving Dishes along with the fairly rare Dephite “Bluebelle” color scheme. Some people have said this was made in Canada.

Pyrex Love - Delphite Blue Div Dish 2Added 2/07: We now believe that the standard set of older delphite bluebelle items was not exclusive to Canada and in fact are usually marked Made in U.S.A. We’ve also seen original boxes that have the “Bluebelle” name on them.

This blue oval Pyrex serving dish holds 1.5 quarts and is marked with #1063. This was also called a “Cinderella” style dish because of the familiar handles like the Cinderella Bowls. These also came with white-handled standard “serving cradles” that some of the normal oval casseroles came with. Not sure if this actually came with a see through glass lid though. I don’t believe they did since I’ve seen a MIB one that didn’t seem to have the lid.

One interesting thing that we did not note until we actually came into possession of one of these is that they seem to be slightly larger than your standard divided dish. In addition, the handles of ours our “rounded” instead of sharply angled. We have seen some differences like this occurring in loaf pans and 8×8 brownie pans as well. We’re not sure if that was a complete change that occurred after a certain date, or if certain pieces just had the rounded corners.

Pyrex Love - Delphite Blue Div Dish Closeup

In any case, the clear lids from our other divided dishes definitely do not fit this dish, which again makes me wonder if they did come with clear glass lids like most of the other divided dishes.

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