Pattern: Designs
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Two bands of both orange and gold-brown graphics resembling arches on white. The designs may be orange over gold or the reverse and exists on only two known pieces. Also known as: Fishscale, Arches, Art Deco, Design Deco
Item Type: Designs Casseroles Series 343,344
Years Manufactured: 1970s
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #343 (1.5 quart) #344 (3 quart)
Original Box#s: 9300

Pyrex Love - Designs Arches Casseroles

Although there are only two known pieces of the Designs Casserole, I feel it’s one of the most distinctive and recognizable pieces of Pyrex ovenware, at least for the more modern items. I also feel that it should be a promotional item, but until we see significant proof of it (as in a box), it’ll have to remain as an actual pattern. I’m also not enamored of the name “Designs”, although I believe it to be the official name. I think this should be called either “Arches” or “Fishscale”… rarely is this listed on Ebay as the “Designs” pattern, simply because that name is not descriptive enough. Why didn’t they pick a name that was a little more memorable? (Grumble, grumble)

There are two casseroles, the 343 1 1/2 quarts and the 344 3 quarts. The smaller one has the golden fishscales on the top of the orange ones, and the larger one has the reverse. Although auctions sometimes give conflicting information on the sizes and numbers on these items, we DO have both of these now in our possession so we can tell you that it does say “343 1.5 quarts” and “344 3 quarts” on the bottom of them. I doubt these had lids, but it’s interesting that one of these casseroles that we purchased actually came with a clear lid with knob that says 624-C A-23. Still, we don’t know if this was an actual lid for the casserole or added later.

Pyrex Love - Designs Arches Casseroles

Although they’re much less common than others, these beautiful casseroles come up for auction quite frequently and I’ve seen them occasionally at flea markets. We’d love to see an original box for them!

Update 12/07: There was an original set in box recently on Ebay, so the box number is now known as #9300. The seller also stated that this is called a “Mixer Set”, but we’re still listing them as casseroles. They did not come with lid according to the original box. Beyond that, the seller said nothing about the name “Designs” or whether there was anything else on the box.

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