Pattern: Early American
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Various early American motifs, usually dark brown on white or dark brown on lighter brown. There are also "gold colored" motifs on brown as well. There are a ton of different Americana items styled like the Butterprint pattern and some of them include federal eagles, lamps, kettles, salt/pepper shakers, corn, antique coffee grinders, cats and weathervane roosters. Also known as: Americana (very often mislabeled as this), Early American Heritage, Country Pictures, Weathervane
Item Type: Series 940/040 Cinderella Oval Covered Casserole
Years Manufactured: 1961 - ?
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #043 (1.5 quart) #045 (2.5 quart)
Original Box#s: 945-7-M, ?

This is a combination listing for both sizes of Cinderella Oval Casserole, even though they were sold separately most of the time. In fact, we’ve seen the original box for the size 945 2.5 quart larger casserole. Both of the casseroles had clear standard oval lids.

The smaller casserole measures 1.5 quart with number 943. Both of the casseroles are dark brown with gold leaf Early American decorations. I believe that at one point they also released a promotional casserole that had Early American on it that was RED with gold leaf decorations… it was a 2.5 quart size - though I haven’t seen it on Ebay yet, or have forgotten about it. Besides that promo casserole, these oval casseroles are rather common in Early American so don’t overpay for them…

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