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Saturday October 18, 2008

Recent Finds - Pyrex Love

Sorry, we’ve been away from the blog for awhile. While we’ve slowed down on our pyrex buying, we still keep an eye out for items that are either rare or that we need in our collection. Above are a few recent finds, we picked up cheaply.

In the back is a 403 style mixing bowl which has an unknown pedigree. In fact, in our earlier days of collecting I believe we passed over this bowl several times because we didn’t think it was Pyrex. It has absolutely no markings on the bottom. We’ve seen them in various sizes. It has been informally called “Eyes” or “Blue Eyes”. We’d still like to find out more about this series and whether it was a promotional or not.

The other two are common patterns, but we picked them up because they’re both useful and they were needed in the collection. This is a #913 Spring Blossom Loaf pan and a #502 Turquoise Butterprint Refrigerator Dish with lid. They were $3 and $1 respectively, so they easily found a home in our collection.

4 Responses to “Eyes And Others”

  1. Le Says:

    I have been trying to find my little girl the toy version of the refrigerator dishes that were make out of plastic for children. Any ideas on where to find it. I have looked everywhere. She would love it for Christmas.

  2. linda Says:

    Hi Le - I’ve seen them come up from time to time on eBay. They’re not cheap, though - if I remember correctly, one set sold for over $60…

  3. Mark Craytor Says:

    I love this site… Thought that I’d tell you that I collect PYREX and other things, (not a pro). I have a pair of the “EYE’S” bowls, one is the smaller 401 size and it has no markings on the bottom, the other is a 403 size and has all the markings on the bottom as regular 400 type bowls. On the bottom is says 403 2 1/2 QT., trade mark, 21, PYREX, circle “R”, made in U.S.A., ovenware. Maybe I can join the flicker group and send pictures. ….. Thanks Mark C.

  4. pyrex love Says:

    @mark - thanks for the info, yes we’ve heard this a few times from collectors over the past few months, about the Eyes bowls having markings. Everyone was pretty sure that this was Pyrex previously, but it’s nice that some people have found markings on some of them to confirm. We’ll make an update note on the main page for Eyes. Sure, you should go ahead join the flickr group.