Pattern: Federal Eagle
Identifiers / Alternate Names: This is a distinctive Federal Eagle style pattern that features a shield and eagle with a red-brown / goldleaf double band at the top. Background is a beige color. Also known as: Americana (sometimes mislabeled as this), Federal, Early American, Colonial Eagle.
Item Type: Nesting Bowls Set Series 478-479
Years Manufactured: 1967
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Sizes and ID#s: #478 (1.5 quart) #479 (3 quart)
Original Box#s: 1705 (3qt)

Pyrex Love - Federal Eagle Bowl

I had to do a bit of hunting around to find out which bowls came with the so-called “Federal Eagle” vintage pattern on it, and I’m still not sure about it. We are now fairly sure that there were only TWO bowl sizes with the brownish-red colored eagle symbol on them. One of them LOOKS like a standard 1.5 quart bowl, but it is actually slightly differently shaped than a normal 402 size mixing bowl. It also has a different number, #478. The larger one is an off-sized 3 quart bowl with #479.

How the bowls seem to vary is that they seem to be a bit larger in diameter and a bit shallower in depth. However, there is an interesting added 1/2 inch “riser rim” on the bottom that makes the bowl taller, as well as a curious little “tab”. If anyone know what that tab is for, please let us know. You can see how it looks below in the pictures of the smaller Federal Eagle we found recently:

Federal Eagle Bowl Tab Bottom

The eagle is on both sides of the bowl and is a typical eagle plus shield symbol you’ll find on coins along with the phrase “E Pluribus Unum”. Above the eagle is an interesting double band of goldleaf that has a crosshatch of that same reddish brown color on top of it, plus two lines of diamonds and dots in the same goldleaf. A very interesting set of bowls, and a little more difficult to come across.

This series of bowls (which also includes mugs in 2 colors) are often grouped along with the Brittany Blue pattern into the “Hearth Group“. We have actually seen a original box for the 3 quart bowl that was sold by itself and was marked as Hearth Group. Interestingly, that was called a “Mix Bake Serve” on the box…

Update 08/07: There’s been an interesting theory proposed by CindyMuffin that we believe sounds like the correct answer to why the “tab” on the bottom of these bowls existed. She says:

You usually get notches or tabs on the bottom of a product for alignment purposes on an automated line in a factory. In this case the bowl would enter the line and a part on the conveyor with a corresponding crevice will engage with this tab. The bowl would be held steady with precise alignment for whatever process is necessary.

This pattern looks to have a multi-step printing process. So subsequent applications of paint probably have to be lined up exactly with the first paint job.

This was confirmed with her husband, who is an engineer, and said that in the industry these alignment tabs on the bottom of pieces are called “spotting lugs”. It seems to make particular sense because the gold on brown pattern is definitely one that would have required lining up for the multiple paint passes.

Pyrex Love - Federal Eagle Bowl

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