Pattern: Federal Eagle
Identifiers / Alternate Names: This is a distinctive Federal Eagle style pattern that features a shield and eagle with a red-brown / goldleaf double band at the top. Background is a beige color. Also known as: Americana (sometimes mislabeled as this), Federal, Early American, Colonial Eagle.
Item Type: Diagonal Handle Coffee Mugs
Years Manufactured: ?
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #1410 (10 oz.)

Pyrex Love - Unknown Federal Eagle Brown Mugs

(See newer update clarifications below…) I’ve been trying to figure out where these mugs that have a Federal Eagle pattern on them belong. I’d originally picked them up because I thought they were the ones from the Federal Eagle pattern that belongs to the Hearth Group (includes Brittany Blue and Federal Eagle). However, I’d forgotten that the Federal Eagle mugs are not Diagonal D Handle mugs. In addition, the eagle is not the same one! I had just assumed they were the same because I don’t know of too many other eagles being used on Pyrex, besides on Early American.

The mugs that we know of that belong to the Federal Eagle set have a much different look and a round handle. There are two of those, one with brown on beige and the other similar to the one we found with goldleaf on brown. But as we mentioned, this eagle is much different. The eagle is more stylized than realistic. It also has its head pointing right instead of left. The eagle has a shield with 3 stars and five stripes on it. There are 18 stars in a circle around it.

Pyrex Love - Federal Eagle Brown Mugs 4

Both sides of the mug have the same eagle pattern. The entire mug is fired on deep reddish-brown. The bottom of the mug does indeed say Pyrex and it is marked as 1410 with 10 ounces.

I’m wondering if these mugs weren’t a part of any pattern and were just produced on their own. For now, we’ve listed them under Federal Eagle just because that is the pattern it most closely resembles.

Update 4/07: Interestingly, we’ve seen a few auctions that feature these exact mugs along with what looks like a Pyrex clear glass coffee/tea pot along with burner. The coffee pot has the same goldleaf eagle! I think we have definitely determined now this server was sold with the mugs as a Beverage Server Set. And I don’t think they were meant to go with the Federal Eagle bowls and items from the Hearth Set. I’m still trying to figure out how to list this - should it be in mugs, in a “carafe” category, or in both, or in a separate “beverage server sets”. We’ll have to figure that out.

One thing we’ve noticed about the gold leaf on these mugs is that it is VERY delicate. We picked them up at a thrift store and someone had stuck a price sticker right on top of the gold leaf. Peeling off the sticker actually peeled off part of the gold leaf! And the sticker wasn’t on there for very long, probably a day or less, because the date on it was the same day we bought the mugs. So if you’re a seller and have any gold leaf Pyrex items, I’d be very careful about putting stickers directly on the pattern…

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