Fool for Blue Foulard

Thursday December 13, 2007

Blue Foulard Beverage Set - Pyrex Love

Couldn’t resist posting about this one on the main blog - a complete boxed Beverage Server Set that we managed to scoop up. Originally, we thought the mugs were sold separately - they’re rather hard to come by. Full reference with pictures is here, and further box pictures are on the Flickr group here.

2 Responses to “Fool for Blue Foulard”

  1. Ina Says:

    Regarding this Pyrex coffee carafe, I saw this and immediately remembered “Bewitched.” This appears to be the exact same carafe (though with a different color scheme) and warmer Samantha and Darrin use on the show.

  2. pyrex love Says:

    ina - WOW, no way! I had no idea - now I’m going to have to try catch some of the episodes to see it…