Pattern: Forest Fancies
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Features a variety of dark brown mushrooms in a wooded patch on a lighter brown background. Also known as: Forest Mushrooms, Brown Forest
Item Type: 440 Series Cinderella Mixing Bowls Set
Years Manufactured: 1981 - ?
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #441 (750 mL) #442 (1.5 L) #443 (2.5 L) #444 (4 L)
Original Box#s: 440-61

This is one of the more common bowl sets that we see in thrift stores and at the salvation army, but a lot of people like it because of the fun mushroom designs and the brown speckled color of the bowls. The brown mushroom pattern is sort of whimsical.

These are a standard Cinderella tab handled mixing bowls in the 440 set (we’ve seen original boxes of them many times) and came in sizes #441 750 mL, #442 1.5 liter, #443 2.5 liter and #444 4 quart. As far as we know this set came with 4 bowls and always included the larger sized 4 quart bowl (some other mixing bowl pattern sets were often sold as sets of 3 missing the larger bowl). We don’t own any of this set currently, we keep passing up sets because there’s too much Pyrex in the house already!

Update 11/07: This was listed as a 1983 release from information on the Pyrex Files, but we’ve since found it to be a 1981 release according to an official product brochure that Mackem 54 had scanned in.

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