Pattern: Friendship
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Colorful orange and red bird motifs on white background form the basis. Some casserole lids are clear with the pattern, others solid white, but both have the birds in a circle. Some sets also include solid orange and red colored items with no bird pattern on them, though sometimes combined with lids that have the bird pattern. NOTE: Do not confuse the popular 1975 Corning Ware pattern known as Country Festival with Friendship! Though the pattern is setup similarly, the birds are Blue on that one and this is NOT the Friendship pattern. Also known as: Birdie, Friendship Bird, Pennsylvania Dutch Bird Scene, Red Rooster
Item Type: Cinderella Bake-Serve-Store Casserole Set Series 470
Years Manufactured: 1971 - ?
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Sizes and ID#s: #471 (1 pint) #472 (1.5 pint) #473 (1 quart)
Original Box#s: 470-45

This Bake Serve Store set is of the standard sizes - 1 pint, 1.5 pint and 1 quart with the heights increasing but diameters remaining the same. The friendship pattern only exists on the side of the tallest 1 quart #473 casserole which is an opal white base with the pattern in red and orange. The smallest 1 pint #471 casserole has an orange base while the #472 middle size 1.5 pint has a red base.

The lids are interesting for Friendship round casseroles like this - we’ve definitely seen BOTH clear and opal white lids with the pattern in red and orange on both. This occurs in other patterns too (like Horizon Blue). It can lead to a bit of confusion - and we are unsure about which type of lid is more “rare” than the other, or if they were produced in equal quantities. On one of Mackem 54’s original catalogue scans there were clear lids, but we seem to remember seeing opal white lids as well in adverts.

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