Pattern: Friendship
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Colorful orange and red bird motifs on white background form the basis. Some casserole lids are clear with the pattern, others solid white, but both have the birds in a circle. Some sets also include solid orange and red colored items with no bird pattern on them, though sometimes combined with lids that have the bird pattern. NOTE: Do not confuse the popular 1975 Corning Ware pattern known as Country Festival with Friendship! Though the pattern is setup similarly, the birds are Blue on that one and this is NOT the Friendship pattern. Also known as: Birdie, Friendship Bird, Pennsylvania Dutch Bird Scene, Red Rooster
Item Type: Nesting Bowl Set Series 400/300
Years Manufactured: 1971 - ?
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Sizes and ID#s: #401 birdie pattern (1.5 pint) #402 red (1.5 quart) #403 birdie pattern (2.5 quart) #404 orange (4 quart)
Original Box#s: 300-45, 400-45

These bowls are commonly called the “Friendship” bowls, although they actually feature red and orange bird and flower patterns on an opal white bowl. The pattern is sometimes referred to as “Pennsylvania Dutch” or “Birdie”, but is very distinctive; once you see it you definitely will recognize it as vintage pyrex.

The bowl set is the usual 400 series bowl sizes, but there is an alternating element that often causes confusion. Only the smallest #401 1 1/2 pint bowl and the #403 2 1/2 quart bowl in the set feature the familiar Friendship Bird pattern. In pictures, the 1 1/2 quart #402 SEEMS like the same red as the Primary Colors 400 bowl set, but it is slightly different in color - an orange red.

The largest bowl which is the 4 quart #404 is a vibrant orange and is often more difficult to find. This is because the bowls were commonly sold as 300 Series sets of three bowls without the largest orange bowl. Teri from Copperton Lane Antiques was kind enough to let us use the picture below of an original boxed 300 Series Friendship Bowl set.

Friendship Bowl Box

I find this 3 piece box interesting because on the side it gives the capacities of the bowls in OUNCES… they are listed as 24, 48 and 80 ounces. Usually for mixing bowls we’ve seen pint and quart listings on the sides. I’ve actually seen 3 different boxes so far for the Friendship bowl set, and one of them didn’t seem to have the ounces listed on the side.

We really like the vibrant birds and flower pattern on this set, and should you like it too you’ll be glad to know that there are a ton of other pyrex pieces that feature it including casseroles, refrigerator dishes and baking dishes. Here’s an example of an incomplete Friendship Bowl set (missing the 402 red-orange bowl, but including the larger 404 orange bowl) that we found at an estate sale:

Pyrex Love - Friendship Bowls

We are fairly sure this was released in 1971 because of scans that state the Friendship pattern was “new” in that particular catalog.

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