Item Type: Cinderella Round Casserole Set Series 480 (470)
Years Manufactured: 1971 - ?
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Sizes and ID#s: #473 (1 quart) #474 (1.5 quart) #475 (2.5 quart)
Original Box#s: 480-45

Cinderella Round casserole sets were produced in the Friendship pattern - remember that these are characterized by increasing diameter but not increasing height. There are three in this set: an opal white #473 1 quart with friendship pattern (which is the same as the largest in the Bake Serve Store set), a red solid color #474 1.5 quart and an opal white #475 2.5 quart with friendship pattern. We don’t believe there was an orange solid color casserole for this set.

Like the Bake Serve Store Friendship set, this set seems to have come with either clear or opal white lids - although in both cases, the friendship pattern appears on the lid.

One other interesting note is that the #475 2.5 quart casserole was also released as a promotional item that had an “underplate” which was actually a piece of Pyrex Tableware. We are unsure of the date of release on that, but will try to have a different entry for the item later. While the colors of the item and the casserole base seem to be identical, the pattern of the base and lid for this promotional is different. The pattern on the lid is more ornate, with a circle of red flowers surrounding the pattern. The pattern on the base is also “fuller” and the designs more dense. The underplate is also decorated with a circle of red flowers. It is a bit more difficult to find this alternate Friendship promo casserole, and even more difficult to find it with the underplate.

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