Pattern: Friendship
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Colorful orange and red bird motifs on white background form the basis. Some casserole lids are clear with the pattern, others solid white, but both have the birds in a circle. Some sets also include solid orange and red colored items with no bird pattern on them, though sometimes combined with lids that have the bird pattern. NOTE: Do not confuse the popular 1975 Corning Ware pattern known as Country Festival with Friendship! Though the pattern is setup similarly, the birds are Blue on that one and this is NOT the Friendship pattern. Also known as: Birdie, Friendship Bird, Pennsylvania Dutch Bird Scene, Red Rooster
Item Type: Oblong Open Baker / Roaster Series 933
Years Manufactured: 1971 - ?
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #933 (3 qt, 13.5" x 8.75" x 1.75")
Original Box#s: 933-45

This is a very large, shallow baking pan that many people call a lasagna pan because they use it just for that very purpose. The Friendship pattern is along the side - and we believe it is in red only, not orange and red as in the case with most of the other items in the line. The pan is a good sized 13 1/2 by 8 3/4 by 1 3/4 baker and is marked as 933. We haven’t yet seen an original box, but are giving the number as 933-45 for now.

We are still figuring out whether this came as part of a “baking set” as in some of the other patterns like Horizon Blue, so we’re going to wait until later for further discussion. If that is the case, there would also be an 8×8 inch brownie pan baker and a 1.5 qt loaf pan. However, we haven’t seen these items yet - they are also not listed in the catalogue page that Mackem 54 had scanned in (actually this Lasagna pan was not listed either). If you have more info on the baking items in Friendship pattern we’d like to hear about it.

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   Pyrex Friendship Oblong Baking Pan

Current Price: $75.00
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 12m

Rare Pyrex Friendship Promotional Underplate. Matches The Casserole. 795-25
Current Price: $14.50
Current Bids: 6
Ends in: 3h 7m

vintage PYREX FRIENDSHIP pattern replacement lid #470-C
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Current Bids: 1
Ends in: 5h 55m

Vintage Pyrex Friendship Pattern Lid 20C26
Current Price: $7.99
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Ends in: 10h 11m

Vintage Pyrex Friendship Bird Kitchen Red Bowl with Lid 473, 1 Quart
Current Price: $15.00
Current Bids: 8
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Vintage Pyrex Friendship Red Orange Cinderella Bowls 4Qt.& 1-1/2 Qt. lot 2
Current Price: $45.00
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Ends in: 10h 39m

Pyrex Friendship Bird Mixing Bowl 403 2 1/2 qt.
Current Price: $33.00
Current Bids: 10
Ends in: 11h 38m

3 Vintage Pyrex Friendship Red Bird Bowls
Current Price: $33.00
Current Bids: 16
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VINTAGE PYREX FRIENDSHIP glass lid for casserole baking dish RED,ORANGE -
Current Price: $8.00
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Ends in: 1d 4h 22m

Vintage Pyrex Friendship Bird ovenware bowl set
Current Price: $60.00
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Vintage PYREX FRIENDSHIP RED 024 Round Casserole w Lid-2 qts.
Current Price: $39.95
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Vintage Pyrex FRIENDSHIP #933 933 Large Roaster Lasagna Pan
Current Price: $72.24
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Vtg 1975 Corning Pyrex Friendship Country Festival Birds Large Canister Minty
Current Price: $9.99
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Pyrex Friendship Red Bird Cinderella Bowls, 4 piece set
Current Price: $125.00
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Vintage Pyrex Friendship Cinderella Mixing Bowls 442 & 443
Current Price: $35.00
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