Item Type: Promotional Round Casserole Series 923
Years Manufactured: Holiday 1962
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Sizes and ID#s: #023 (1.5 qt), plus domed clear lid
Original Box#s: 96

Frost Garland Promo Casserole - Pyrex LoveThis simple yet beautiful round bottomed casserole was a 1962 Christmas promotion and came with a tall, rectangular wire brass cradle with a candle warmer on the bottom. The handles of the cradle are white rubber. It also had the domed style clear glass lid with knob on the top.

We have to admit some misgivings with unofficially “naming” the piece. This pattern is sometimes called “Christmas” on other sites but we feel that moniker is unbelievably ambiguous. As such, we determined that just about ANY other name would be better to describe it. The pattern features a single long blue garland or branch that seems to be pine needles with a larger snowflake or flower in the middle. We went through several names - like “pine branch”, “frost branch”, and “blue garland” before settling on “Frost Garland” as the best descriptive label for now. We are aware that the Snowflake Blue pattern is occasionally called “Snowflake Garland” but we’re hoping there won’t be confusion since that isn’t the official name. (Well, good luck - we’ve seen how people insist on calling the Spring Blossom Green pattern Crazy Daisy!)

Frost Garland Promo Casserole - Pyrex LoveThis is also another one of those ambiguously labeled “Hospitality” casseroles that continually confuse collectors. The box itself says “Deluxe Hostess Casserole” with a #96. The casserole is a #023 1 1/2 quart opal white model with the turquoise blue pattern on it.

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