Pattern: Gold Acorn
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Prominent gold leaf acorns and oak(?) leaves on thin trailing vines on a cream colored background. Some of the clear lids that go with this pieces that have this pattern may have had additional decorations. Also known as: Acorn and Oak, Golden Acorn, Golden Touch (in advertisements).
Item Type: Cinderella Divided Dish Series 963
Years Manufactured: 1960 - ?
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Sizes and ID#s: #963 (1.5 quart)
Original Box#s: 963-21-GA

Gold Acorn Div Dish - Pyrex Love

This is a standard divided serving dish size item in the Gold Acorn pattern. It holds 1.5 quart and is listed in catalogs as a #963, although the number is not on the bottom of the casserole. The clear divided lid does have a number 945-C on it. We got this divided dish confused with the open oval baker for awhile - it just happened that we came across both at about the same time. The pattern is gold acorns and leaves on a trailing vine with a cream colored base.

Interestingly, another website lists a promotional item that consisted of a divided dish in Gold Acorn and a wire carrying caddy that fitted onto the handles of the dish. This handle looked similar to the one that came with the “Compass” Snack Server Promo item - in fact, we think it’s just a case of someone including an extra Snack Server handle with a Gold Acorn divided dish in an ebay auction. If you have proof otherwise in the form of the distinctive triangular original box that we believe MUST have come with an item like this in order to accomodate the handle - then we’d like to hear about it.

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