Pattern: Gold Acorn
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Prominent gold leaf acorns and oak(?) leaves on thin trailing vines on a cream colored background. Some of the clear lids that go with this pieces that have this pattern may have had additional decorations. Also known as: Acorn and Oak, Golden Acorn, Golden Touch (in advertisements).
Item Type: Oblong Space Saver Casseroles w/ Covers Series 548,575
Years Manufactured: 1960 - ?
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #548 (1.25 quart) #575 (2 quart)
Original Box#s: 548-21-GA, 575-21-GA

Pyrex Love - Gold Acorn 575 Oblong

For quite awhile, we had thought the Gold Acorn pattern was a promotional item - it just seem like the type of pattern associated with promotionals and plus it is gold leaf. However, this was a regular pattern and to back up that fact, we can see in Rogove / Steinhauer’s Pyrex book that there are 4 different shapes listed, and six total items with the Gold Acorn pattern … interestingly, the 1960 advertisement called it the new “Golden Touch” by Pyrex. But we’ve never heard it referred to that name elsewhere so we will stick with Gold Acorn.

Again, we are listing both Oblong casseroles together. These two are also known as “Space Saver” casseroles and in adverts they are listed as 1.25 qt (#548) and 2 quart (#575). We have the #575 sized item so we can give the most info on that. Interestingly, it appears that some of the #548 lids may have come with a gold design of trailing leaves embossed on the front - although this is from second-hand knowledge from another site. For the most part the lids were clear, and ours is as well. The lid for our 2 quart version is marked as #550-C. It’s rather nice that you can flip the lid over on the top to set another dish or item on top of it.

To our knowledge the casseroles were not sold together as a promotional pack (though this hasn’t been conclusively proved) as were some oblong space savers like the Pink Daisy line.

Our 575 measures approx 11 1/4 inches by 7 inches and is about 2 inches deep. These are wonderful dishes to bake casseroles as mini-lasagnas in because they are the right depth and shape. Here’s a closeup of the gold acorn pattern.

Pyrex Love - Gold Acorn Closeup

Note that as usual the gold leaf has a “silk screened” pattern of crosshatches on it. We’ve seen many Pyrex gold leaf items that have this same peculiarity of manufacturing.

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