Pattern: Gold Acorn
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Prominent gold leaf acorns and oak(?) leaves on thin trailing vines on a cream colored background. Some of the clear lids that go with this pieces that have this pattern may have had additional decorations. Also known as: Acorn and Oak, Golden Acorn, Golden Touch (in advertisements).
Item Type: Cinderella Oval Open Baker Series 053
Years Manufactured: 1960 - ?
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Sizes and ID#s: Unmarked #053 (1.5 qt)
Original Box#s: 053-21-GA

Pyrex Love - Gold Acorn Oval Open Baker

We have always been slightly confused with these Pyrex oval open bakers because they are the exact same shape as the standard “divided dish” size - but they don’t have the divider in the middle. Also, we had thought these had perhaps come with lids. However, we’ve seen several adverts that show the item clearly without a lid, and called a “Cinderella Oval Open Baker”, so we’re going with that for now. Nevertheless, if you’d like to use a standard lid for a divided dish (whether the lid is divided or not), it will fit this item.

Note that this isn’t a promotional item even though it seems like it might be - it’s in the standard line and was released around 1960. There are several items listed in the Pyrex By Corning book but note that the picture section of that book also incorrectly labels a 1.5 and a 2.5 qt covered oval casserole in Gold Acorn as an “open baker”.

Pyrex Love - Gold Acorn Oval Open Baker

The wonderful pattern of gold leaves and acorns alongside the front has that same “silk screen” look that we’ve seen in other Gold Acorn pyrex items.

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