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Pyrex Love - Salt Pepper Gold Band

These Pyrex Salt and Pepper Shaker sets are extremely common and aren’t worth much as collectibles, but they are nevertheless fun to collect. This line of shakers were often made as Corelle Livingware “Compatibles” which often featured matching patterns for dinnerware. However, this particular one doesn’t seem to match any of the other Corelle patterns. It seems like it was actually made to match with some of the other miscellaneous Pyrex dinner items such as the salad sets and the vinegar/oil cruet sets that had this same pattern.

The clear glass is Pyrex although it is not marked so. Interestingly, however, the plastic black tops ARE marked as Pyrex… see the below picture.

Pyrex Love - Salt Pepper Gold Band TOP

The tops of these shakers are pointed plastic and have three prongs which bend inward slightly when you put the top on, providing a sturdy seal. The tops are also pointed, which is why we’ve called this type of shaker the “Pointed Top”.

Pyrex Love - Salt Pepper Gold Band Box PIcI found the following illustration from a picture of the box on one of the shakers… apparently you could spin the top in order to agitate the salt crystals if they’ve gotten clogged which is an interesting touch.

The decoration is 4 golden bands going around the tops of the shaker. This is actually 14K gold leaf. No idea when these were produced, though we’d guess late 60s into the 70s.

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