Item Type: Promotional Round Casserole Series 924
Years Manufactured: 1959
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Sizes and ID#s: #024 (2 qt.), plus domed clear lid
Original Box#s: 924-CW

Pyrex Love - Golden Branch Casserole

Here is another example of a “generic named” promotional casserole that causes confusion with collectors of Pyrex. This was packaged and sold as a “Hospitality” casserole, although it is very often called the Golden Branch Promotional Casserole. The Hospitality label is very ambiguous, and we feel it is one of the most misleading because there are a large number of promo “Hospitality” casseroles and many are actual different in SHAPE.

We’d understand if they were all a particular size (say a 043 standard oval casserole size) and they called them all one name. But it just doesn’t make sense why some promos were labeled as Hospitality and others were not - it seems completely random.

In any case, the pattern features a silhouette of a beautiful tree branch with slightly indistinct five petaled flowers. It’s almost reminiscient of a chinese brush painting. The pattern appears on both sides of the casserole in gold leaf on a beige/ivory solid color. One of the most interesting things about the gold leaf is that unlike a number of other gold leaf patterns we have (Gold Acorn for instance) the gold leaf is actually completely “solid” instead of patterned on with what looks like dots. In fact, the gold leaf seems to have something “underneath it” … this shows up as a purplish looking smudge as seen in the photo below.

Pyrex Love - Golden Branch Casserole

We’re not sure if this is a defect with some of the gold leaf items or a deliberate manufacturing process in order to get a more consistent fired-on look for the gold.

The casserole itself is a 2 quart Round bottomed casserole with #024… this differs from the usual promotional size #475 Round Casserole which has a flat bottom. This also came with a clear domed lid - the one we found at a local garage sale didn’t have the lid but we do have some solid color (pink, lime green) 024 casseroles that do have the lids and they fit. We have also several that came with a curved brass colored candle warmer cradle with white plastic handles, so we are pretty sure that they came with that as well.

Pyrex Love - Golden Branch Casserole

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