Pattern: Golden Honeysuckle
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Pattern consists of honeysuckle-like plants consisting of starburst shaped flowers and leaves on flowing stems. Most often seen as goldleaf on a fired-on white background on opal white colored oblong casseroles which are unique in shape (which sometimes came withsolid walnut undertrays). The pattern has also been seen on 943 or 945 style oval casseroles in olive green on opal white and the reverse color. Also known as: Starflower, Honeysuckle, Shenandoah (incorrect, this is another pattern)
Item Type: Oblong Curved Casserole Series 955
Years Manufactured: 1962 - 1963
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Sizes and ID#s: #055 (2.5 quart) w/ #958 cover
Original Box#s: #5563 (w/ Walnut Tray)?, #? (without)

Golden Honeysuckle 2.5 qt shallow - Pyrex Love

We had earlier thought this wonderful style of casserole was a promotional, but it is actually a small regular line of Pyrex casseroles with a pattern called Golden Honeysuckle. The casseroles themselves have a unique shape that we believe was only produced for these items. They have a oblong shape but a curved look to them. The handles are curved backwards underneath unlike the standard Cinderella handles which are just diagonally sloped. This makes it very convenient to carry these items.

Golden Honeysuckle 2.5 qt shallow - Pyrex Love

The pattern features goldleaf flowers and leaves on a white fired-on base color - on opal/white pyrex. This is very interesting that they chose to put white paint on top of opal white pyrex. It’s been surmised that the reason they did this is because of the very fragile nature of the goldleaf. When goldleaf was printed directly onto the glass (as it was on numerous clear Pyrex promo pieces, carafes, and pitchers) it was very susceptible to wear. We believe that they wanted the background color to be pure white, but wanted to create a better foundation for the goldleaf to stick to - so they used white fired-on paint on top of the white pyrex.

The base of our 2.5 shallow casserole is #055. Our item did not come with a wooden tray - however, some of these items were shipped with a Walnut Serving Tray which is rather nice. We don’t yet have exact information on the box numbers (either with or without the tray). However, I’ve a pretty good idea of the convention used from looking at the other boxes. I believe when these came w/ a walnut tray, take the last 2 digits of the base (i.e. “55″ for this one) and then add a “63″ to the end. So the box number for this one would be #5563. Not sure yet about the numbering convention for boxes w/out the tray - it just might be similar to the base, i.e. #955.

Golden Honeysuckle 2.5 qt shallow - Pyrex Love

The clear Pyrex cover rests on the inside lip of the casserole. Ours is actually labeled as 958-C. This is interesting because that means it’s the same size lid as the 4 quart Golden Honeysuckle casserole.

Specifics: About 13.5 inches by 9.25 inches, and 2 inches deep. The lid is #958 and is approximately 12 inches by 9 inches.

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