Item Type: Mixing Bowl Series 400
Years Manufactured: 1960
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Sizes and ID#s: #404 (4 qt)
Original Box#s: 67

GoldenLeaf - Pyrex Love

This is a wonderful and festive promotional item to have around at the holidays. It features a standard size#404 4 quart solid red color mixing bowl with various holiday decorations in gold leaf along the side of the bowl. The decorations appear in a line on two sides of the bowl and feature holly leaves, berries, pine cones and pine needle clusters. This looks to have been produced in 1960.

Originally, the full package came with a domed glass lid with handle for the bowl, as well as a square shaped brass wire carrying cradle. The handles on that cradle are wood and “flattened” in shape. Many times, the bowl is found without it’s accompanying pieces - ours was found at a thrift by itself. In addition, both the gold leaf and red bowl color seems particularly susceptible to scratching and wear - scratches on the red are just more noticeable than other colors.

While the name on original boxes for this item is indeed “Golden Leaf”, we note that there are several other items named similarly that you’ll want to avoid confusion with. Notable is the Golden Pine promo space saver as well as the Golden Poinsettias promotional item. In addition, the red Holiday Casserole also features pine cones and branches, comes with a domed lid, and has a square caddy cradle. However, that one is not gold leaf and is 2 quarts in size.

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