Item Type: Promotional Cinderella Round Covered Casserole Series 475
Years Manufactured: Winter 1961
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Sizes and ID#s: #475 (2.5 quart)
Original Box#s: 56

Pyrex Love - Gourmet Wheat Casserole

There is some question whether there are two different versions of this so-called “Gourmet” Cinderella Round Casserole made for the holidays in 1961. Once again, I really dislike these generic names for promo casseroles - they could have at least designated it with another word besides gourmet, like Gourmet Branches.

The one shown in the pattern has gold leaf patterns of what look almost like the Bluegrass pattern from the Pyrex Tableware patterns. They are straight vertical tree branches with leaves on them. The pattern alternates gold on white and then the reverse in bars along the side of the casserole. However, we have seen a similar casserole that has this same pattern but in black on white and without the alternating pattern - It’s just black vertical bars on the side with vertical leaf branches in reverse. Not sure if that is the same promotion but an alternate variety.

Actually, what is also interesting about this 2 1/2 quart standard #475 round casserole is that it is a blue delphite item, much like the “Golden Grapes” Pyrex casserole. On first glance at the pictures in the auction items, it was difficult to tell what’s going on with the casserole… it seems to be an light blue in color, but with an interior and base that’s a darker blue.

Pyrex Love - Gourmet Base

We actually own one of these pieces now so we can tell what the deal is. Earlier we thought it was Canadian, but now are pretty sure it was sold in the U.S. We have seen a dealer catalog from 1961 picturing it. The entire casserole is Delphite Blue, but the sides of the casserole are fired on white. The blue “shows through” the white a bit, making it seem a pale light blue color. The base is not painted. The leaf patterns are indeed gold leaf. We’ve found that this is sort of fragile and in some cases the printing on of the leaf wasn’t very good. Ours has slight cracks in the gold that are from age, not from usage.

The lids on these are the usual clear ones (ours is marked Pyrex on one end and 475-C21 on the other). I was sort of wondering if any lids exists that are also Delphite, similar to the rarer delphite lids on delphite oven-refrigerator sets.

This casserole came with a wooden handled candle warmer cradle originally, as far as we know.

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