Item Type: Promotional Round Casserole Dish w/ Plastic Caddy
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Sizes and ID#s: #473 (1 quart)
Original Box#s: 9373

This is another one of those Pyrex casserole patterns without a name that is most definitely a promotional item, but that hasn’t been established fully.

Update 9/07: It’s always great when we find out the “real” names of these promotional items - and that name is NOT one of the Corning ambiguities (Decorator, Hospitality). Mary StCharles was kind enough to let us use some pictures of an original box for the promo casserole that is known most frequently by collectors as “Grapes”. The real pattern name on the box is actually Vintage, and we’ve decided to change that in the pattern reference as well. We will still put “Grapes” in parentheses for those searching under the old name.

Here are two pictures of the original box contributed by Mary, with part of the pattern actually on the box as well as the name “Vintage” clearly visible on it:

Pyrex Love - Vintage 1 QT Casserole

Pyrex Love - Vintage 1 QT Casserole

The Vintage Round Cinderella Casserole has very distinctive clusters of purple grapes along with olive green leaves on its white opal cover. (There are four clusters of grapes, each of varying sizes and shapes.) The base is a solid colored olive green similar to that of one of the Verde line bowls.

Mary has said that she thinks the casserole may have been called “Vintage” because of the grapes plus a reference to wine - this seems to make sense.

This casserole is quite interesting because it definitely came with a plastic caddy for carrying and serving. The dish fits snugly in the dark colored clear plastic caddy which has arms for easier carrying. I have heard some auctions say the plastic is Bakelite, though this hasn’t been confirmed (and in fact some people say it is definitely not Bakelite).

The dish itself is a one quart #473 model, which is a standard size for the round or bake-serve-store casseroles. One thing to note is that because it’s a standard size, we often see promo casseroles of this nature getting their lids and bases mixed up since they all fit together. We still have no information on the year of this casserole.

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