Pattern: Square Flowers
Identifiers / Alternate Names: The Square Flowers pattern features 4 petaled flowers or clovers in a squarish configuration. It appears in two possible colors - verde green on white and darker orange on yellow-orange. We are listing this pattern separately even though its exact origin is unknown up to this point: several original boxes that had green square flowers on them were marked as "Verde" which adds to the confusion. The pattern has been noted on a variety of different items. The extent of the orange version of the square flowers is not known - it seems to appear mostly on round casseroles, but we don't know if it is a promotional-only item or not. Also known as: Dutch Clover, Green Flower, Avocado
Item Type: 480 (470) Series Cinderella Round Casserole Set
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #473 (1 quart) #474 (1.5 quart) #475 (2.5 quart)

Pyrex Love - Green Square Flowers Casserole

Note, for a quick primer on the mysterious Square Flowers, refer to the divided dish page for that pattern.

We finally (6/07) put together a full set of the Verde Square Flowers Round Casseroles. It’s so strange how this pattern seems to be relatively common, and yet its official name is still up in the air - I wonder if the real name is listed in the Corning Museum? Some day we’ll have to make a trip there just to check that out!

This has a single row of square flowers in a verde green color (unlike the orange or butterscotch square flowers pattern which has two rows). We have heard people refer to this 4 leaf pattern as Clover or even Pennsylvania. These casseroles are the standard 1 quart 473, 1.5 quart 474 and 2 quart 475 round variety which had clear lids as far as we can tell.

Reminder - if you want to stack round casseroles that have clear glass lids, it’s much easier and safer to invert the lids on the bigger ones so there’s a place for the casserole above to rest on.

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