Growing The Pyrex Tree

Saturday January 24, 2009

Pyrex Tree of Life and Others - Pyrex Love

We’re still slowing growing our Pyrex collection - every so often we come across pieces we don’t yet have. The latest casserole we found was the Tree of Life promotional casserole which we’d wanted for awhile now. It’s a standard #475 casserole with a darker blue bird pattern on a lighter blue base color. Ours came without a lid unfortunately, although it’s most likely just a standard clear lid that came with these casseroles.

Underneath that casserole is a large Corning military bowl which is dated 1951. We have a few of these supremely useful sized bowls already, and believe they went with the “watch mugs” posted earlier.

On the right is a Snowflake Blue sugar bowl with glass lid. Even though this is a later production, we find them a little harder to come across than Butterfly Gold and Spring Blossom patterned items. Underneath that sugar bowl is a Federal Glass bowl which is not a Corning production. However, we picked it up for the wonderful green pattern on the side - this almost looks like an Agee Pyrex pattern.

Lastly, the light blue creamer in the front is also not a Pyrex item - it’s actually a Fire King Blue Mosaic creamer. We don’t see these a whole lot, although according to the Fire King book that we have, sets are supposed to be quite common. Maybe they’re more common in the east rather than here in California.

One final note: our contact form has been acting up lately - it turns out we weren’t receiving all the communication that may have been sent in for the past 4-5 months. While we try to fix it, we want to encourage the submission of questions and comments to the Flickr group instead. There are a lot of collectors there who will likely be able to help you if you have a question.

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