Item Type: Cinderella Oval Casserole Series 945, Mixing Bowl Series 400
Years Manufactured: 1958, 1960
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Sizes and ID#s: #404 (4 qt), #045 (2.5 qt)

Pyrex Love - Hex Snowflake pattern

I had delayed listing this pyrex pattern even though we’ve had the mixing bowl for a little while now. The reason is that we weren’t sure about the accepted name for this pattern which is “Hex Signs”. It doesn’t seem like a very accurate description, but it seems to have really stuck. We would prefer a name that had something to do with snowflakes (Hex Snowflakes?) and/or leaf clusters since that’s what they seem to resemble. But for the time being we’re going to just go with the flow and just call it by the common name.

[Edit: a few folks let us know that this is actually a common usage term in some areas, and is somewhat accurate depiction.]

The pattern is alternating gold leaf snowflake and leaf circle symbols. It is very interesting because as far as we can tell it is featured on two very different items: a #045 2.5 quart oval casserole and a #404 4 quart mixing bowl. We have the bowl shown above, and had originally thought that perhaps it was a part of a chip / dip set (similar to Speckle Lines). However, we’ve never seen a smaller dip bowl to date. We think this bowl was a promotional pattern that came with a knob-handled clear lid and a deep cradle with wooden handles.

The date of release for the bowl seems to be 1958, and the oval casserole appears to be later from 1960.

The pattern is on a light beige to tan solid color for the bowl, and ivory white for the casserole. We believe the casserole came with a clear lid, and a brass colored wire dual candle warmer tray with wooden handles. We’ve seen a damaged box that read: “Pyrex Deluxe Cinderella Casserole with Twin Candle Warmer”.

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