Item Type: Promotional Round Casserole Series 924
Years Manufactured: 1960
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Sizes and ID#s: #024 (2 quart)
Original Box#s: 63

Holiday 1960 Bowl - Pyrex LoveThis promotional round bottomed casserole from 1960 was called simply “Holiday Casserole” on original boxes we’ve seen. It should not be confused with either the Holly Days corelle pattern or the Golden Leaf casserole, which has a holiday theme and the same accessories. The casserole is a standard 024 2 quart size and the base color is bright red with a white pattern of pine cones and branches along the side. The wire cradle is the usual brass one with white handles (no candle warmers) and the lid is a domed clear one with handle.

If you have a picture of one of these with box, we may be interested in featuring it here.

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